Sleep Disorder Unit

Contact: Michele Blocker RPSGT, RST, END tech, Sleep Center Manager

Phone: (501) 985-7469


Contact: Unit Manager

Phone: (501) 985-7469

A good night’s sleep is important to your well-being and most people spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep. One out of three people have a sleep disorder, which makes the sleeping (or waking) hours miserable. More than 95 percent of Americans with sleep disorders are believed to be undiagnosed and untreated. Once detected, most sleep disorders can be treated.

The Sleep Disorder Center at North Metro Medical Center is one of the most technologically advanced centers in the area. This Center provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, education, treatment and follow-up by highly trained physicians and staff committed to improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from sleep-related disorders.

Individuals exhibiting any of the following symptoms or alterations in sleep patterns may benefit from our program:

Diagnosis of sleep disorders requires a polysomnogram (PSG). A PSG is a continuous monitoring and recording of various physiological parameters of sleep for six or more hours. The routine PSG monitors, through the use of small electrodes, brain activity or EEG, chin muscle activity or EMG, eye movements, heart activity or EKG, leg movements, airflow from the nose and mouth, chest and abdominal respiratory effort, blood oxygen levels, body position and snoring.

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Care Spotlight

Bill Bledsoe, CEO, RN, MBA

Mr. Bledsoe comes to North Metro with a strong medical background in nursing and has a masters in business, his passion is to bring healing and care for people of the community that the hospital serves, by bringing stability, direction and strong leadership to North Metro Medical Center.

Mr. Bledsoe understand the business and the medical aspects of the hospital, but also has the knowledge that no single approach is the right one for every individual. He understands the uniqueness of North Metro being a smaller community hospital that can forge an individual relationship with each patient...

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Michael Pruitt RN, BSN is North Metro Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer. A strong, transformational leader, he influences the Hospital’s strategic direction and ensures that nursing’s goals and initiatives are aligned to advance organizational success.

Michael has been serving in the medical field for 24 years, working his way through the ranks as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic to a Registered Nurse with a strong background in Critical Care and Emergency Nursing. In addition to operating his own Medical Staffing Company,...

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Undrea Ellis has been the Financial Controller for North Metro Medical since June 29, 2015. With over fifteen years of strong knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting, financial forecasting, fund management, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, corporate tax, contracts and project financing, she is responsible for all areas of Accounting, Finance and Revenue Management.

Immediately after coming aboard at North Metro, Undrea and her team put together a vendor analysis that guided the process to began rebuilding the client-vendor relationships within the local community and other vendors in the Healthcare Industry...

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